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Christoph Reichstadt, PhD [userpic]

Personal Journal, entry #73

15. Oktober 2009 (06:26)

current mood: creative

On the upside, I can probably get more work done now.

I have that annoying habit of jumping into the middle of whatever I'm writing instead of starting at the beginning, but as I write this all for my own benefit, it really only needs enough to remind me of what I'm talking about and why I wrote what I wrote in the first place. The distraction doesn't want to be a distraction anymore, at least that's the impression I got. As far as distractions go, he was a good one, but was a distraction after all and distractions aren't made to last.

Though perhaps I don't need such long work hours, as a good portion of them are spent looking for the fiction and the pornography in the Ancient libraries. It has to be out there somewhere; fiction and porn are basic components of civilisation. Without Captain Kirk and the Enterprise, would we have cellphones, personal computers? Without some form of speculative fiction, would the Ancients have created the stargates? Sentient beings can only create what they have dreamed, and fiction is the collective dream that drives us all.

I think we are too eager to picture the Ancients as stoic, pragmatic, all-powerful Vulcans. But it's easy to forget that Vulcans were once very much like their Romulan counterparts, and that even after embracing logic, they had art.

But I'm letting my geek side show. Not that around here that makes me any different. The geek is strong here, even with the military. I love it, though.

I feel I'm making a difference here.

I just don't know how my next assignment, i.e. offworld team, is going to work.