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Christoph's Journal

PhD in Bullshit

Christoph Reichstadt, PhD
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Name: Christoph Reichstadt
Age: 28

Physical Description: 6'2", broad-shouldered but slender from there on down; longish dark-blond hair, blue eyes, looks younger than he is. Pale, but tans well for a pasty dude, thanks to his mixed heritage.

Personality: Christoph (NEVER 'Chris') doesn't want to be just another nerd on Atlantis. While he's very dedicated to his research (obsessive is a better word) he also knows how to make time for play (he LOVES those 36 hour days!). He's never afraid to offer up unorthodox views on everything from linguistics/anthropology (his chosen field) to the dietary habits of the Wraith. He's equal parts a realist and a dreamer, in one breath complaining about the state of society and in the next one assuring everyone of great things to come. His screen name on the Atlantis intranet comes from the epic debates between himself and Dr. McKay about the scientific credibility of anthropology as opposed to physics, as well as his penchant for telling tall tales. Not unlike Rodney's occasional delusions of grandeur, Christoph imagines that he can fix the galaxy's (social and cultural) problems single-handedly. But he's really a people person, and can get along with just about anyone, provided they give him the respect he deserves.

He's energetic, friendly, but a little arrogant. He tends to talk too much if anyone gives him the chance to. He also comes across as younger than his chronological age, due to his easygoing enthusiasm and mischievous grin. He's easily amused. He always has some 80's pop-culture reference for any situation. Though he's learned to work with the military, he still harbours a slight mistrust of the whole system, seeing it as a kind of necessary inconvenience. As a free-thinking academic, he finds the thought of mindless obedience vaguely disturbing. As a gay man, he finds 'don't ask, don't tell' insulting. However, he tries not to judge the individual by the system. All in all, he's glad the leader of the expedition is a civilian and not military like at the SGC.

Strengths: The ability to make friends and allies. He's also an easygoing sort, a peacekeeper. He's a fast learner and has a good memory.

Weaknesses: He can be arrogant and slightly overbearing. He's also more than a little bit self-centered, and when called on it, often simply quotes
Descartes back at the accuser (though he doesn't follow Cartesian philosophy as a whole). Back on Earth he was a 2-pack-a-day smoker, and though he
managed to smuggle some to Atlantis, he knows they won't last forever. He's been rationing himself, in a race to quit before he runs out. Luckily, he
hasn't been doing it all that long and he welcomes the excuse to quit. He'll be a good friend until crossed, then he can hold a grudge longer than anyone. He has a temper, which sometimes flares up with seemingly no explanation.

Languages: German, Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Czech, Russian, Latin, Greek--ancient and modern, the Proto-Indo-European and derivatives (PIE history was his main area of study in university), Ancient, Asgard (written more than spoken)

History/Bio: "My mentor, Dr. Messer, should've been the one to go," Christoph says of his assignment to the Atlantis expedition. "He's the best in the
field, at least in Europe. But he has a family, I have the Ancient gene. You do the math. So he recommended me to Dr. Weir. It's not like I have a family
or anything. Ja, that would be funny. They probably would've taken Dr. Messer anyway, but with me, they compact two in one and this trip is all about compacting things."

As the son of an Israeli immigrant and a Catholic Bavarian, Christoph grew up in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment. He grew up speaking both German and Hebrew, and quickly picked up English from American and British movies. After that it almost became a habit, visiting a neighbouring country and picking up the local tongue. Through school he became fascinated with ancient languages as well, and he continued his studies in that vein, finally earning a Ph.D. in Historical Linguistics. He's also minored in cultural anthropology with language as a focal point, and done studies into the psycholinguistic field.

His personal life always took a back seat to his studies. He's always enjoyed sport, and his father, a physician in Munich, always emphasised the need for exercise to keep the mind in proper working order. Christoph played football in his spare time, and enjoyed swimming in the summers and skiing in winters. He made friends easily, and always had a bunch of them, both from the 'nerd' cliques and from the 'jocks', but he didn't let them overwhelm his time nor get too close. He always found a way to multitask, turning his latest lesson topic into a linguistic party game for his friends, or calling out football scores and commentary in his current language of study.

He always knew he was gay, but he didn't try dating until he was an undergrad. While he enjoyed the companionship, he complained it took away too much of his time and attention from his studies and other activities he deemed more transcendent. He decided he was too busy for much more than 'friends with benefits'. It paid off: during his graduate years, he published a number of papers on topics ranging from the Aryan roots for certain American dialects, to a thesis on the effects of learning languages on the brain. By the time he was invited to Atlantis, he'd been working closely with Dr. Messer and the international team on Ancientphilology and the contextual and diachronic aspects of the language, also teaching the language of the Ancients to others in the team. He didn't hesitate when offered the chance to go to Pegasus, even though he figured people would be expecting someone older, with more papers under his belt.

Position on Atlantis or Affiliation: Head of Linguistics and Anthropology, Atlantis Expedition

[[The contents of this journal are fictitious, and may contain adult content. Go away if you're under the legal age in your locality.]]

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